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Welcome to our website. For those of you that know it, it may seem a little strange at present and we apologise for a few teething problems. We are updating the old site and building the new one up to be better than ever before. These things take time though don’t they, so thank you for sticking with us. We hope to be fully functional as quickly as possible, but meanwhile if you have any questions please contact us on 01843 299055 or email enquiry@qingart.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can. More changes and good news! It’s all go here at Qing Art and after a fabulous year last year we are branching out, getting more beautiful furniture by Yue and lighting by Chen. Li, our ceramicist has worked even harder this year too and we will be featuring him and his beautiful new range of ceramic stools in the next newsletter. Such great colours for Summer and we can’t wait to show them to you. Another addition is our new marketing personnel Danielle Gilbert. Danielle brings with her a great knowledge of art and design, having worked with places such as the Turner Contemporary and Margate Gallery and we are really proud to have her on board to help promote Qing Art’s designers. What’s to come? New colours, a whole range of new ceramics, and our own handpicked collection of Antique Furniture to be revealed in Autumn, a little way away, but we will be promoting pieces before then, as it really is first come first served! We look forward to hearing your comments, please don’t forget we are on Twitter Qingart and Facebook Qing Art too! Anne-Marie and Mao Ping.


Qing (pronounced Ching) is the creation of Anne-Marie Nixey, a former teacher from London and Mao Ping Yang, whom she met in China in 1999. After working for three years in Japan, Anne-Marie came back to England to study an MA in Japanese, only to find herself at the end of it going to work for a college in Beijing, China. It was there that Anne-Marie and Mao Ping met and started thinking about how best to showcase the Orient, letting people share the crafts and artistic pieces to come out of modern day China from real makers and designers.

In December 2007 Qing was opened in the historic Old Town of Margate, selling items from contemporary Chinese furniture, with our unique distressed style, and contemporary art to more traditional items and antiques. We have sourced good, quality pieces from designers that we know and trust. Offering items, which are used as part of everyday life, from places and people that we are familiar with. We pride ourselves on knowing our products and are passionate about the goods we sell. We are delighted to extend our shop onto the internet but still retain the personal service that has made Qing so popular.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about any of the items we sell, we are always happy to help.

Anne-Marie and Mao Ping

Qing's Artists



Yue studied paint techniques in Beijing and uses reclaimed timber in his work. Creating a mixture of traditional pieces with contemporary colours he brings a modern day look to an already established style of Chinese Furniture. His pieces are as much an art form as they are practical and each item is original.


De Xian moved to Beijing from Yun Nan when she was a little girl. After studying design, she and her mother decided that they would set up their own business designing and making texiles. All of our linen throws, cushions and table runners have been made in De Xian's factory by her handful of ladies that she now employs.

Lamps and Lighting

Chen works with the highest quality silks using traditional methods of lamp making. Bright, invigorating colours bring focus to the lamshade itself, not just the stand, as is often the fashion in the West. Hardwood bases give an air of warmth and stability as these lights sit waiting to be admired.


An Gu Yu is from a family with roots in Beijing art for several generations. He uses traditional ideas and plays on them with contemporary colours. His scrolls, framed pictures and designs are all individual, highlighting the simplest ideas in nature and what is around him.


Tian works with natural wood and stones to bring you a range of earrings, bracelets and necklaces and rings. Each piece unique she sources colours and patterns to add detail and charm. Her work extends to wool, felt and glass and silver as she explores every avenue in jewellery design.



Louise Francis studied silver work designs earrings using contemporary patterns with intricate beadwork. Currently we are only have Louise's work in the showroom.

Susan Kennedy works mainly in textiles and mixed media in her jewellery bringing texture and colour alive. We currently showcase Susan’s brooches in the showroom.


Harbour Monkey creates cards using photographic images, from close up detailed pictures to views that take your breath away. www.harbourmonkey.co.uk

Susan Kennedy brings her mixed media design to a range of individual cards too. All made by hand they are ideal for any occasion and are keepsakes to remember.

Margate Old Town

Margate is known for its beautiful sandy beach, and its connections with Turner. Behind all of this however, is a fascinating myriad of lanes that hold such treasures as the place that Turner first went to school, the old jail and the Tudor House. Nestled amongst these historic venues are galleries, cafes and shops where you can while away the time taking in the history, dating back from the 16th Century to the present day building of the new Turner Centre. Here are some of the delights you will find when you come down.

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