New Adventures

Hi Everybody

This week was a whole new adventure for me. Anne-Marie took me to a business breakfast meeting, I’ve never been to something like that before. It was very interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. I saw this as a chance to get to know new people and hear about their businesses. My goal was to keep the conversation going and to keep asking as many questions as I could think of about their business, or about themselves, so I could improve my talking and listening skills. It was a good new experience and I got lots of practice. What I also did for the first time was try a scotch egg. Anne-Marie baked scotch eggs for the Bakery Club that she belongs to and saved one for me, in my opinion a scotch egg (baked by A-M!) is absolutely tasteful! 

Qing Art has changed displays this week, the counter is in front of the shop now instead of at the back so you can see us better when you walk by. It was a nice challenge to move every piece of furniture to where we wanted it to be. Everything has a lovely place now and every piece can show of its beauty. Don’t be shy, have a look, let us know what you think of the beautiful new displays ;) .

Sasha x



Work Placement

Dear Readers

Let me introduce myself, my name is Sasha Van de Kamp. I am from Holland and working at Qing Art until April 19th for my work placement. I’m here to improve my English language and to make the best of new working experiences in a foreign country, I think I’ve found the best place to do this! Anne-Marie is a very good teacher and Qing Art has a lot of interesting customers and wonderful products.

In my first week I have already been in the newspaper with Anne-Marie about our Chinese New Year decorations, we have been to London to do a delivery of some of our beautiful lighting and there will be a lot more interesting things happen in the next few months I’m sure!

I’ll be writing up my experiences while I’m here and sharing with you all the great things I’ll be learning. :) And if you live near Margate, or can come and see us in the showroom, it would be lovely to see you here too!

Sasha x