Meeting new people


Six weeks have gone by and I have six more weeks to go. The time really flies when you’re having fun and making new friends.

One of my new friends is Mao Ping, I had the pleasure to meet him and got to know him better during a nice dinner in London. He is an absolutely nice guy with a great sense of humour!

Last Monday Qing had its ceramics photographed by Niko Kolios in the new showroom that Qing will move into at the end of this year! The photos are lovely and we can’t wait to show them to you. Niko is also currently studying photo journalism, with one of his projects being portrait photos, allowing me to be one of the subjects. It was very nice and while he was taking the photos we got to know each other better. It really feels good to get to know new people!

My friends over here also met a new face, Rutger, my boyfriend, who came over from Holland. We had an incredible weekend visiting new places and looking at all the things that I’ve learnt here in the six weeks, as well as meeting all my new friends. Said, a new student from Holland also arrived to explore the culture of England and to improve his English. He lives with me in Birchington at Steve’s residence, so it will be interesting to help him learn. Tomorrow he will spend half a day working at Qing! His English needs a lot of improvement so pop in and have a small talk with him :)  

X Sasha

Caribbean Living

It’s a past time of mine to occassionally go through the blogs and see what else is out there. Some great writing, fabulous pictures and information about things you knew nothing about! Imagine my delight then when I stumbled across Caribbean Living and found a writer talking about Oriental furniture! Wonderful.

Here at Qing Art, we send furniture all over the world, work for interior designers in helping their clients style a room and have a whole range of items not found on the website. Screens being one of them. Currently we have two beautiful wooden carved screens in the showroom and Yue, with more on the way in Autumn.

Remember, if there is ever anything you are interested in, but don’t see, please contact us and see if we can help. Or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more pictures and information.

Margate welcomes the Queen

Remembrance Day, was indeed a special day in Margate as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip came to honour ex-servicemen and view the regeneration in Margate Old Town. Anne-Marie Nixey, Director of Qing Art was delighted to be chosen to meet Her Majesty as one of the people that had helped put Margate Old Town on the map and work with others to bring this heritage area to its current glory.

After a short visit to a couple of the shops the Royal Party then visited the newly opened Turner Contemporary Gallery and spoke to the team there that have made a fantastic contribution to the town.