Week 2! Shipment, Deliveries and International Affairs.

It’s already my second week at Qing Art and I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by.

Yesterday a new shipment came in. We got two beautiful cabinets which have to be delivered to two customers. One is going to Scotland and the other one is going to Paris!!!

Keeping with the international theme, Anne-Marie is going to Beijing this week also. She will meet Moaping there and together they will be sourcing new furniture and art work for Qing. I am curious as how I will cope with everything while Anne-Marie is not here.

This up coming week’s challenge is working in the stockroom to reorganise it and make space for the following shipment. It’s very busy here!

I’m excited about what the week will bring. I’ll keep you posted!


Thank you


New furniture


As I was saying in my last blog post Said worked half a day at Qing last Friday. He helped Anne-Marie with moving new ceramic stools upstairs and doing some of the stock take, which is a good exercise to learn new words.  I’m really delighted to have him working with us, he is a hard worker and I think he will fit in just right.

This coming Monday a new shipment will arrive and we’ll be busy changing the displays again. To make it easier Anne-Marie and I started to clean up down stairs so we know exactly what to find where. I can’t wait to see the new furniture that comes in (I added a picture of one of the incoming furniture, have a look).

Come and see our new items and be surprised of the beauty :) .

X Sasha

Meeting new people


Six weeks have gone by and I have six more weeks to go. The time really flies when you’re having fun and making new friends.

One of my new friends is Mao Ping, I had the pleasure to meet him and got to know him better during a nice dinner in London. He is an absolutely nice guy with a great sense of humour!

Last Monday Qing had its ceramics photographed by Niko Kolios in the new showroom that Qing will move into at the end of this year! The photos are lovely and we can’t wait to show them to you. Niko is also currently studying photo journalism, with one of his projects being portrait photos, allowing me to be one of the subjects. It was very nice and while he was taking the photos we got to know each other better. It really feels good to get to know new people!

My friends over here also met a new face, Rutger, my boyfriend, who came over from Holland. We had an incredible weekend visiting new places and looking at all the things that I’ve learnt here in the six weeks, as well as meeting all my new friends. Said, a new student from Holland also arrived to explore the culture of England and to improve his English. He lives with me in Birchington at Steve’s residence, so it will be interesting to help him learn. Tomorrow he will spend half a day working at Qing! His English needs a lot of improvement so pop in and have a small talk with him :)  

X Sasha

Busy week


I’ve worked at Qing now for four weeks and I can tell you that every week is different (in a good way of course!).  As I mentioned in my last blog post the showroom has had a complete transformation and looks fantastic. Customers reactions have been so enthusiastic, thanks everybody! 

It’s been a busy week at Qing, with some great sales, for example two of our ceramic stools were delivered to Guildford this morning. The blue and white dishes are very popular as well, and I have to admit they are very cute!

Thursday was especially busy, so Anne-Marie decided that we should treat ourselves, and made an appointment for us to have a manicure next-door at Revitalize beauty salon, which we enjoyed immensely and gave us a chance to show off our beautiful nails that evening at the book club Anne-Marie belongs to. I love to read so was looking forward to going there. Everyone talked about a book they’d read recently, which was very interesting to hear because of all the different opinions. Then the books were left on a table so you could choose a new book to read, having heard about it. I also took two books with me, both are ghost stories.

Even though it’s grey and cold outside Qing has some customers popping in. It really brightens my day to have a nice talk and meet new people who are just as excited about our products as I am. Tomorrow evening will be even better, I’m going to meet Mao Ping. Anne-Marie and I are going to London, we’ll pick him up and go out for diner, I can’t wait!

X Sasha



New Adventures

Hi Everybody

This week was a whole new adventure for me. Anne-Marie took me to a business breakfast meeting, I’ve never been to something like that before. It was very interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. I saw this as a chance to get to know new people and hear about their businesses. My goal was to keep the conversation going and to keep asking as many questions as I could think of about their business, or about themselves, so I could improve my talking and listening skills. It was a good new experience and I got lots of practice. What I also did for the first time was try a scotch egg. Anne-Marie baked scotch eggs for the Bakery Club that she belongs to and saved one for me, in my opinion a scotch egg (baked by A-M!) is absolutely tasteful! 

Qing Art has changed displays this week, the counter is in front of the shop now instead of at the back so you can see us better when you walk by. It was a nice challenge to move every piece of furniture to where we wanted it to be. Everything has a lovely place now and every piece can show of its beauty. Don’t be shy, have a look, let us know what you think of the beautiful new displays ;) .

Sasha x



Horsey Horsey

Tang Dynasty replica horses in ceramic. By Li.

One of the questions we get asked the most is, ‘Who makes the Tang Dynasty ceramic horses (that we feature on the website) and how can we buy one?’

As many of you know, Li is our ceramicist and all of our vases, stools, urns and more are made by him and his apprentices. As are the beautiful replica horses. Created in the style of the Tang Dynasty mould, these horses are hand made and painted individually with the same slip that was used back then. Fired in a wood burning kiln they are then left with all the markings of the firing still in place.
It is not often that we can get these, but we’re really pleased to say that currently we have three of Li’s work in the showroom. One larger horse, unglazed with two smaller glazed pieces in a different Tang Dynasty pottery style. Please contact us 01843 299055 enquiry@qingart.co.uk, if you are interested in these pieces, we expect to see them trotting out the door rather soon!

Qing Art’s Showroom


Hand thrown ceramic urns with lids by Li, in pale grey and slate blue.

Qing Art’s showroom is located in the beautiful Georgian Old Town of Margate. A stones throw from the new Turner Contemporary Gallery, this little quarter hosts a vibrant area full of galleries, independent shops and cafes. A perfect place to showcase our designers and artists, with their hand made work and limited edition pieces.

Where the website is the perfect place to promote the gorgeous furniture from Yue, lighting from Chen and soft furnishings from De Xian, here in the showroom we can also offer a better range of smaller items. Tian, our jewellery designer’s work is exquisite, with her stone, wood and hand blown glass collection of beads and necklaces. Li’s ceramics too, with a variety of vases and ceramic stools for the garden. However, not everything Li does is small and these stunning urns with lids are just an example of what treasures wait for you if you have a chance to pop in.

All this and more, make a day of it, visit the gallery, pop in to a great cafe and have a coffee, then make your way to us and let us show you the bits you can’t always get to see online!