Terms & Conditions

Products from Qing Art are made with the consumer in mind and we strive to make all of our products to the highest quality possible, using only the best materials. We use selected designers and makers and are conscious of giving a fair price to the people behind our beautiful items. We are against stocking mass produced goods from places that we do not know the workers and we do not import goods from anywhere other than China or Japan, countries that we take pride in knowing. Mao Ping regularly visits China, where his family still live, and works closely alongside our designers, giving them feedback about their crafts and allowing them to show us their new ideas and goods. We are always delighted with the feedback we get from our customers and this helps us work with you to make Qing Art better in all aspects.

Information about our range

If you wish to contact us about a product please email enquiry@qingart.co.uk and we will deal with the request straight away. We would be delighted to give you more information about the people behind the goods and are thrilled when people take an interest in the provenance of an item, that we know they will enjoy.


If for any reason you wish to return a product, (which of course we hope you don't!) please follow the instructions on 'Delivery and Returns' and we will be happy to rectify the situation for you.

Colour and Size and Pricing

Please note that prices of products are subject to change without notification and some colours may be different from the picture due to pigmentation in the paint or material. We endeavour to show you the best match through photos. Dimensions of our Chinese furniture are all approximate, as each piece is handmade but are around the sizes given. Dimensions of Cushions and Throws are given when the cloth is pulled taught, therefore cushions may not be that length when filled by the pad and puffed up.


Orders for custom built items are taken with a 50% non-refundable deposit. With the remittance, and agreed Delivery Fee, being paid for before delivery to yourself. We will inform you by email and keep you posted of the dates of shipment and delivery.

By purchasing a product you are hereby agreeing with the terms and conditions written here.

Qing Art is a growing, conscientious company that believes in listening to its customers and working alongside its makers. We always love to hear your comments and are looking for new ideas and designs. We would like to thank you for supporting us and hope you like the lovely things we have on offer.

Anne-Marie and Mao Ping

Qing Art Ltd